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Working with excluded communities
in South Asia for over 40 years
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Triumph over prejudice and ignorance is a triumph for us all.

Dame Judi Dench / Karuna Patron

Karuna, a charity inspired by Buddhist values, works alongside the most excluded people in South Asia, overcoming poverty and discrimination with locally-led projects focusing on gender equality, education and sustainable livelihoods.

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Our 3 areas of focus

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Education for all

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Historically, many of the communities Karuna works with have been denied education and suffered from high drop out rates. We work holistically with schools, parents and children, providing support structures to enable disadvantaged children to take full advantage of the mainstream school system. Karuna ensures that children are informed about their rights and can develop a sense of agency – becoming positive role models for one another and the change-makers for the next generation, taking their futures into their own hands.



96% Of children in Karuna projects continue their education past the age of 14, almost double the national average


Education for all

Children from excluded communities will be worst affected by school closures, leading to increased inequality, early marriage and child labour. Help children in this crisis.

Sustainable Livelihoods

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The pandemic has led to an unprecedented livelihoods crisis with millions of returned migrant labourers needing to find new and sustainable livelihoods. Help migrant labourers now.

Karuna supports people to break out of degrading, occupations that get passed down from generation to generation. These projects first work with people to form a different vision for themselves, then develops that vision into reality through vocational and skills training. Building networks and fostering an enabling environment, together we can create a shift in mindset within the community as well the individual that supports sustainable, discrimination-free livelihoods.

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The result of our work ensures that the next generation becomes less affected by discrimination.

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Gender Equality

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The discrimination women face in South Asia is typically magnified by their gender. Working together, our projects make sure women are valued equally and can enjoy equal access to the full range of rights and opportunities needed to realise their potential. Leadership and skills training enable women to become leaders in their communities, asserting their own choices and empowering change in others. Likewise, we work with groups of men, encouraging them to become advocates for gender equality.

Gender Equality
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If women can get independence they will face less harassment. I am capable and I want to prove it.

Gender Equality

Gender Equality

We will continue to focus relief efforts on women and girls, who are particularly vulnerable in times of crisis, ensuring they are protected from violence and trafficking as a result of reduced family incomes due to the pandemic.

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When an individual’s life changes, they can change their community. When a community changes, they can change society.

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