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What are you (com)passionate about? 

Start fundraising for Karuna today – it’s easy to do and 100% of everything you raise will go directly to our projects

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step 1

Pick what you’re (com)passionate about

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Decide on what you’d like to do and pick a target! It might be running a marathon in less than 5 hours, it might be asking for donations instead of birthday presents. It’s completely up to you what you’d like to do and how much you’d like to raise – any amount helps and 100% of it will go towards fighting discrimination in India and Nepal.

step 2

Tell us about it

Karuna Team

Many of the Karuna team have run our own fundraisers over the years, it’s something we’re passionate about.

We’re happy to help if we can – whether it’s posters, booklets or just a chat for fundraising inspiration, we’ll do whatever we can to support you, so that you can support others.

step 3

Set up your fundraiser page

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You can then set up a Facebook Fundraiser or a Just Giving account and page on They will let us know when you are done and they have loads of great tools that will help you let your friends know about your plan to fundraise for education, equality, and dignified livelihoods for those that need it most.

step 4

Spread the Word!

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Let people know what you’re doing in any way you can. Social media can be a great force for good in promoting your fundraising. We’d love any photos or news or things we could share to help inspire others to do things too.

The more people that know, the more chance you’ll have of hitting your target and the more people you can help in India and Nepal.

So what are you waiting for?

Get started today and join the hundreds of people already finding new ways to use their skills and energy to support our projects – here’s some of them to help you feel inspired.

Thank You!

Join the Karuna Community!

Fundraising for Karuna makes a real difference to marginalised communities in India and Nepal. It’s also an opportunity to have fun! This year, more than ever, has shown us all the importance of connection. Connecting with friends and family to raise money for people facing poverty and discrimination helps to create a connection to others across this interconnected world, in this global community.

We believe everyone has something to contribute and potential is within us all. Perhaps fundraising is a motivator for you to reach a personal goal, or to help someone else reach theirs.

Viveka and Singhashri
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Fundraisers stories

red line
Rachel Robinson Fundraiser

Raised £5300 so far!

selling hand-made masks

You could get busy making, like long-time supporter Rachel, who so far has raised over £5,000 selling hand-made masks to help keep people safe.

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Taking action makes a difference. Whether it’s a cake sale, a race or a birthday fund. Start your JustGiving page.

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