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Educate and Empower Adolescent Girls in the Slums of Pune

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Pune, Maharashtra

Educate and Empower Adolescent Girls in the Slums of Pune

What are the challenges?

Many girls in India are at risk of dropping out of school to be married off early, denying them the opportunity to access decent well-paid work and ensure future financial stability. Adolescent girls in the project area also often lack access to information about their changing bodies during puberty and appropriate hygiene practices, limiting their understanding and ownership of their bodies, as well as their sense of empowerment.

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What is the aim of the project?

The project aims to support vulnerable girls from secondary schools to become aware of, and empowered to stand up to, gender-based discrimination – particularly in relation to girls education. They are also supported to complete secondary school, avoiding early marriage, and receive education about adolescent and reproductive health. 

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What are the main activities?

  • Formation and training of adolescent girl groups at school level in leadership and reproductive health. 
  • Supporting the creation of girl leaders who will promote girls’ right to education and advocate to stop early marriage.
  • Advocacy to equip government schools with adequate toilet and sanitary facilities for girls to improve school attendance.
  • Awareness-raising among parents about the importance of girls’ education.
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