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Nomadic and De-notified Communities

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Nomadic and De-Notified Tribal Communities

What are the challenges?

The Nomadic and De-notified tribes are likely the most marginalised and excluded communities in India. They live in conditions of incredible poverty, with very low literacy rates, and are easily exploited in a variety of ways by local dominant castes. The COVID-19 lockdown and ensuing economic crisis has hit this community incredibly hard, with them losing the labour work that used to provide their only income.  

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What is the aim of the project?

The overall aim of the project is for at least 150 families to develop dignified livelihoods. The project will create community savings schemes, allowing for the community to access loans for things like education and healthcare, breaking their dependence on receiving labour work from dominant castes. The project also works to provide physical and mental health support to these communities who are cut off from these mainstream services.

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What are the main activities?

  • Training in business and entrepreneurship skills 
  • Teaching practical skills, such as animal rearing 
  • Community saving schemes and microfinancing groups 
  • Strengthening physical and mental health of community members through health camps, training and psychosocial counselling 
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