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Protection of Women and Girls from Violence and Trafficking

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Western Bengal

Protection of Women and Girls from Violence and Trafficking

What are the challenges?

India has one of the highest number of women and girls being trafficked in the world, with an estimated 8 million women trafficked into India every year. Areas that share borders with other countries such as Nepal and Bangladesh are often key epicentres of activity. Women and girls are usually trafficked for bonded labour in informal sectors such as agriculture, construction, textiles, domestic work and forced sex work. Trafficking is also linked to early marriage of school-aged girls.

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What is the aim of the project?

The project aims to curb trafficking and child marriage in vulnerable border districts of Eastern India. It will mitigate the risk of trafficking for women and girls from marginalised groups, who are dependent on migration and informal-work, and reduce the associated gender-based violence.

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What are the main activities?

  • Establishing Women’s Information and Support Centres
  • Training on women’s rights and legal protection against violence
  • Training on economic empowerment and safe migration
  • Formation of women’s peer support groups
  • Training and awareness-raising for frontline workers around human trafficking
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