Education for Children Living in India’s Brick Factories



Sukhavati Foundation






Maharashtra, India

Brick Kilns

What are the challenges?

Children of indentured brick-kiln workers remain trapped in the cycle of poverty and illiteracy as they are unable to gain an education whilst their parents have migrated to brick kilns for work. The families remain in debt-bonded labour, with loans taken for basic essentials from brick kiln owners passed between generations. The pressure to pay back the loan quickly leads to a high prevalence of child labour as more hands mean more bricks made and each brick slowly reduces the debt.

What is the aim of the project?

This project works with 545 out-of-school children aged 3 - 14 years living in brick kiln factories, enabling them to access mainstream education and prevent child labour.

What are the main activities?

  • Non-formal early-years education classes to support children aged 0-6 in language development and socialisation
  • Non-formal education classes for primary school-aged children in key subjects to enable them to keep up with the school curriculum
  • Older students are supported to stay in high quality residential hostels