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In March, all schools in Nepal were forced to close due to the spreading pandemic. The girls of Karuna’s “Strong Girls Project”, operating in 15 schools, suddenly found themselves stuck at home in their villages.

Sunita (name changed), a member of one of these groups, remembers: “I was shocked after our school was closed because of coronavirus. All of a sudden, I had no contact with my teachers anymore. And going so long without lessons, I worried that I would forget everything again.” 

Sunita’s parents couldn’t help her; suddenly unable to work, they were struggling to feed their family of six. For a time, it looked like help wasn’t coming. 

Fortunately, our project partners quickly put together a learning program for radio and televisions, thanks to donations generously given to our emergency appeal. 

By broadcasting lessons via radio, children like Sunita were able to keep up with their education during the lockdown – making sure she, and thousands like her, didn’t miss out. 

“It’s easy to understand and I’m coming along well,” reports Sunita.

“Every afternoon at 5 o’clock the program for the fifth grade comes on. And once a week our teacher comes to the village and brings us new worksheets and discusses what we have done. It’s great that we can continue learning despite coronavirus.”

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